1965 Hydrotherm r155 converted gravity system no ignition


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1965 Hydrotherm r155 converted gravity system no ignition

Hello, my name is Robert walsh I have been a member here for a while but I believe this us my first post so hello and thank you for everyone who always regularly posts here you have helped me out more than you know and I really appreciate it.

I have a hydrotherm boiler that i believe needs a new zone controller. I have many pics including a power diagram, the 3 controls and the gas valve. Currently there is a RA832A 1066, ra832a 1041 1, and a r845a ??30 can not see those missing 2 digits. Anyway I have 120volts going into them and I do not have 24 volts coming out but the contractors all pull in and the 3 pumps turn on. I am assuming the contractor pulls in from 120volts. The most I get is 6volts from the tt on the newer of the 3 controls. I believe the end switch or terminals 5 and 6 are all tied together and i believe on the ra832a 1041 1 the xx is used and goes to the th1 and th2 on the gas valve. The other 2 terminals on the gas valve are pp and pp for the power pilot. If I disconnect the pp completely the pilot stays lit still there is also 1 aquastat tied between the middle 2 terminals pP and th1. No power coming from any of the 4 terminals on the gas valve, from each other or to ground. Thank you in advance for any advise or help anyone can offer. Thank you.

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What information are you looking for? They were good boilers in their day and lasted many years.I would recommend that if you are having a heating problem, please call an HVAC company for help.
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Thank you PJ for the help.
Sorry for the confusion, I typed and posted this three times before I did it right. 1. does anyone think this might be an issue unrelated to the Honeywell controls? Gas valve?. Also anytime I have replaced one of these Honeywell controls I've always used one like it. This time, because there's three I believe it may be easier to just do a 3 Zone panel

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