Replacing Legacy Controls on AS Arcoliner Boiler with Taco SR503-EXP-4


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atulc: On this thread post 26 I addressed short cycling paranoia.

atulc link key word is “oversized” which leads to short cycling. It is very easy to increase cycle time by reducing firing rate/BTU. Just install a smaller $5 nozzle.

Aquastat/ODR delta-T also impacts cycle time. Delta-t of 5F has shorter run that 20F. I use 5F

atulc: link is a mix of truths and falsehoods.

“note how few hours burner runs at the lowest temperatures” Which is often due to over firing.
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atulc: On this thread post 26 I addressed short cycling paranoia.

Link is a mix of truths and falsehoods.

Atulc link “Boiler short cycling occurs when an oversized boiler quickly satisfies process or space heating demands, and then shuts down until heat is again required.”
Key word is “oversized” or overfired. It is very easy to reduce firing rate/BTU and increase cycle time by. Just install a smaller $5 nozzle.

My boiler at 0F outside design temp fires at 50% rated BTU, runs 8 hours (33%) per day. National average quote running times at 20% to 25% of time.

I optimized system performance by logging data and setup/adjusting for best efficiency. Have data showing 50 years of decreasing oil usage (from 1800 gallons per year down to under 600 gallons).
Much of reduction came from insulation, new windows, etc. but boiler/burner operation was also significant factor.

I found the pro's often have limited or poor understanding of heating systems. That is why I became a DIYer. Not only save thousands of dollars on fuel costs, do not pay for service contracts. Any heating issues are quickly addressed, no phone calls or waiting in cold house during snow storm.

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