Slant Fin LD30P oil boiler sooting problem


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Slant Fin LD30P oil boiler sooting problem

I have a Slant Fin Liberty II oil boiler that is about 8yrs old and has the pleasure of heating our house through upstate NY winters.
I am currently having an issue where my boiler soots up to the point where it is pushing the soot throughout the house.
Last night I gave the boiler a thorough cleaning along with the chimney pipe. I changed the oil filter and nozzle at the beginning of the heating season in Sept.
The only potential issue that I can see if there may be some oil flow restriction in the line that runs from my tank. When the boiler was installed the line was run across the middle of the floor (room is also the laundry room) so it has taken a beating over the years. I am planning to replace that line but not sure if the flow restriction would cause a sooting issue. Just for reference, I checked the heat exchanger last night 6hrs after the cleaning and it already had a light coat of soot around the nipples.

I am looking for some ideas of common problems, adjustments or replaceable parts that could be causing the boiler to be burning poorly.
Thank you in advance for your time and insight.

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The most common cause of sooting when the boiler is close to the laundry area is lint in the burner blower wheel. Remove the burner motor & clean the blower wheel well. Clean also the inside of the burner body & air intake slots near where the fuel pump mounts.
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Sooting is the result of improper fuel/air mixture. Not enough air causes sooting which is nothing more than unburned oil.

It may be from lack of combustion air as Grady pointed out due to the causes he mentioned or the wrong air setting on the burner. A smoke test would confirm the proper setting of the fuel/air mixture.

Oil restriction would not cause a sooting problem. If your boiler is in an enclosed room you must have openings to supply combustion air to the burner. If your boiler is in an open, unconfined area with plenty of combustion air then I would adjust your air on the burner until you got a clean fire.

Hope this helps a little.
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Thank you Spott and Grady for your insights. I did clean out around the fan and intake as well as tweak the intake flow settings. There was some blockage around the fuel pump but the blower wheel looked ok. It definitely looks better and I plan to monitor things today and adjust the intake as needed.
Thank you again for your quick and helpful replies.

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