Alarm - Oil Fired Boiler No Heat / Control Lockout


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Alarm - Oil Fired Boiler No Heat / Control Lockout

Not wanting to wake up to cold house, I have long used alarm buzzer activated when oil burner primary control goes into lockout mode.

Alarm goes off immediately upon control lockout. Occupants do not have to wait hours until house cools down to realize there is not heat.

A search on DIY found nothing about burner alarms.

Would be interested in how others deal with this issue.

For oil burner primary control use newer Honeywell R7284U1004 $65 with LCD display. It requires separate $17 alarm module W8735S3000.

The older Honeywell- R7281 which has alarm contacts but lacks LCD data display.

Carlin Primary Control 70200: $65 has both LCD display and alarm contacts:

Beckett GeniSysŪ 7505 control requires separate Lockout Alarm 52040 and LCD 52084U display unit at total cost of $155 for same features as $65 Honeywell or Carlin.
Use home made battery powered piezzo electric buzzer unit with switch for on off and test.
Piezzo electric buzzers:
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