Taco Air Separator leaking


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Taco Air Separator leaking

Hi, i have hot water baseboard heating and one of the copper pipes in the basement had a leak. I turned off the auto-fill and drained the entire system to repair the leak. Once it was repaired, i turned the auto-fill back on and water started flowing into the system. However my taco 4900 series air separator started gushing out water from the top..this went on for about 20 minutes and stopped. Is this normal behavior? i'm worried this will be a bigger issue down the road.
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This sight might help.



You can scroll around and find all the info and options you should need. The simple answer to your question is water should not be coming out, only air. You might have got some debris in there when you refilled the system. If it stopped you should be all set. They are very good units. Much better than air scoops in my opinion.

Hope this helps a little.

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