Obsolete spiral ignitor means new boiler? Custom made posible ?


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Obsolete spiral ignitor means new boiler? Custom made posible ?

Hello , I have a Hydro Therm model HT-40 HSI serial HNL-1008 that has a bad spiral ignitor that apparently is discountinued with no after market substitute available. We did get one replaced in 2017 with little issue online but now no one has one and 3 heating companies said its a no longer made part. i have attached pictures and the problem we are told is that it is a spiral ignitor with theflame sensor attached which are not made any more. the one picture is our broken ignitor and the other is one I fasioned from another spiral ignitor inserted through an old unit with a good flame sensor still functioning. This is a temporary fix so I dont freeze up water lines but the boiler is on. Does anyone know How I can find a acceptable replacement? Thanks for any help in adavnce. JC
i am wondering if another brand of similar may work, such as Laars Heating Systems Company
Manufacturer Part No: 2400-138
it seems to be a combination ignitor and flame sensor that may be able to be adapted to fit?

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Thanks for your links. Thats what I did for a patch up fix and it is currently working however, because the original is a one piece unit with the flame sensor rod attached to the porcelan base I am worried if the flame sensor fails, I will be out again. I am just not sure if I can also use a universal flame sensor rod next to one of the universal hot surface spiral ignitors. I am not sure if flame sensor rods are based on similar function or if different sensor offer different resistance. Thanks again and I will search further.
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A flame sensor rod is just a piece of stainless steel rod. They can be interchanged.
The only thing critical is its placement in the flame. The flame must engulf the rod.
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thanks so much. I can fabricate a plate that will align the universal spiral hot surface ignitor and the universal flame sensor in the exact position as they are on the original. very happy to hear as it seems very sad to have the only two options offered were to replace the burner head if compatable was available or replace the entire furnace that is in otherwise great shape. i will take my measurements and get ones as close as factory as posible. thansks again to all.

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