Taco 220 Flochek rattling noise


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Taco 220 Flochek rattling noise

Moved into a 1960s house with hydronic heat - 3 zones. Noticed a persistent rattling coming from the pipes on one side of the house when heat is on. Went into the crawlspace and pinpointed the noise coming from Taco 220 Flochek valves. No air in the system as I opened the bleeders and only water comes out.

The previous owner replaced the original oil boiler with high efficiency gas and put a new grundfos 15-58 pumps on each zone. Interestingly the pump label says "Includes Check Valve".

My original thought was to put the Taco Flocheks into bypass mode since the pumps have a check valve. Then during some research I read that check valves only work on the supply side. Unfortunately the pumps are located on the return.

So back to fixing the Taco 220s. I tried turning the thumbscrew fully CCW and at certain points the rattling improved a little but never completely went away. This surprised me since I assumed it was the valve cylinder chattering against the seat causing the noise. Not so. It appears to be somewhere in the top stem. As I loosened the thumbscrew the Taco also started leaking fairly heavy.

All in all these Taco Flocheks are ****. I had B&G check valves in my old place and they were problem free. Also if you google noisy flow check valves, the hits are related to Taco valves 98% of the time.

Also Taco seems to have modified the design to address the noise issue sometime around 2014 as it is mentioned in the literature from that time.

I think the easiest approach would be to replace the internals with a rebuild kit if one even exists. And if there is a kit will the new part fit in an old housing?
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Well turns out the stem kit for this vintage 220 valve is obsolete. According to Taco it requires a full valve replace. If I do replace it will not be with another Taco thats for sure.
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This may be of some help.



Hope this helps a little. Will show you some options.
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Flo-control valves usually have a poppet-like stem and disk that opens fully with pump pressure and shuts with gravity when the pump shuts off. If your pump is supplying inadequate flow to hold the valve open, the valve could oscillate - causing a rattling noise.

If when you turned the manual jack screw and the valve leaked, try tightening the packing nut.

I don't understand why you say a pump's integral flow check valve only works on the supply side, not on the return. I must be missing something, which happens.

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