Turn down aquastat in summer


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Turn down aquastat in summer

Hello, my boiler provides both baseboard hydronic heating and also domestic hot water.

The water coming from the hot taps are extremely scolding hot (180 degrees F). So we temper it with a valve that is partially open so that it mixes with cold water.

In the summertime, when hydronic heating is no longer needed, it seems very inefficient to heat the water up to 180, only to cool it back down with cold water.

Do you think there would be any problem if I lowered the aquastat setting a bit? What should I put the HI and LO settings at?

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The low setting (red knob on the right) is what controls the temp for your hot water with there isn't a call for heat. You can turn that down to 150 or as needed to maintain descent hot water.

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