Leaking boiler


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Leaking boiler

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I recently had my boiler serviced and they pointed out that we had a very small leak at the boiler outlet. Iíve cleaned it to remove the build up and see it better. Based on the solder dripped down the side of the boiler, the installer did a pretty bad job in the first place. The leak is from the dark spot closest to the boiler. I apologize for the poor pic, but it is the backside of the boiler. The other pic is from the front.

Iíve shut off the lines and drained down the boiler. Can I just grab my torch and reheat the joint to reflow or do I need to disassemble and/or replace to get a good seal?

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If it's only a bad solder joint you should be able to reheat it and it should flow. Clean the joint real good and flux the area and hit it with the heat and it should seal. If you have solder you can hit again and it should take.

Hope this helps a little.
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Thanks Spott. I am pretty sure itís a bad joint rather than a crack or pin hole. Iíll give it a shot.

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