Heater making a noise at night - what shall I do about it?


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Heater making a noise at night - what shall I do about it?

Here is a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbtvb_zIffs

This heater was manufactured around 2011 and was not flushed at least in the last 5 years.

Does this have anything to do with sediment? Would draining the heater help here? Is there anything I can do other that simply drain the water with whatever residue on the bottom?

Why does it make extra noise only at night? Is that because it's after most hot water is used?
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Is it a gas water heater? If so then it's caused by sediment on the bottom. When the burner fires the sediment prevents the water at the very bottom from easily circulating so it boils which creates the sound you hear. Draining the sediment can help some but you'll never get rid of it totally.
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You might try lowering thermostat.

Gas water heater manufacturers typically recommend draining and flushing the heater every six months or annually, depending on the rate of sedimentation. First, turn the thermostat to off, cool down the heater, open a hot water faucet for venting. and drain the tank to empty. Because maintenance has been neglected, you may have to replace the heater to eliminate the noise. A whole-house water filter might reduce the rate of sedimentation.
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yes gas heater

started to drain the second unit in same building, so far clean water. would sediment be in the beginning or at the end?

also with cold watter supply shut it drains slowly for about 40 minutes already, is that expected to take a while? i am pretty sure i have opened the valve completely
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drain the tank to empty
Not necessary to drain tank empty. Drain until water is clear. Should only be a few gallons. Draining will not always remove all sediment but may reduce it enough to eliminate the noise.

Keeping cold water supply open (and all hot faucets closed) while draining adds pressure and may remove more sediment.
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I've used a sock on the end of the house as a filter, closed faucets and cold water supply open. Between two heaters all I got was a few table spoons of the sediment. Would we expect more of this stuff with audible popping at night?

See image https://imgur.com/a/IN1wzBt
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How old is the tank? To me that is enough sediment to indicate there is a lot more but it's stuck at the bottom or might even be blocking the drain ****. To see if a lot more sediment falls out you might want to try draining several gallons while it's working and actually making that noise. But be careful it will be very hot water.

****= where you let the water out, geez whiz.

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