Gas water heater only reaching 99 degrees


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Gas water heater only reaching 99 degrees

This morning I tried flushing the tank with a full bore valve and didn't get much sediment. I have three choices colon

1. Ask you guys if there is something I can do myself
2. Call in a plumber ($200 + parts) ++++ = near cost of new heater
3. Forget the plumber and replace the water heater. It is 22 years old, well past its expected lifespan, but looks brand new from the outside at least, and shows no sign of corrosion.

Any thoughts? Especially with regard to #1?

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Skip 1 and 2 and go directly to 3.
At 22 years old is it on strictly borrowed time.

If the heater hadn't been flushed routinely there will be a build up of minerals on the bottom that interferes with the thermostat and heating. Many times the tank will kettle when heating water due to that buildup.
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MY water heater is 21 years old, has never needed any parts, runs great and I have never found any sediment in the tank when I flushed it. Even though both tanks, yours and mine, are way past their prime, I am going to keep mine until the tank begins to leak or the tank fails by some means. As far as your tank only heating to 90 degrees, that would indicate that the thermostat control may be failing.
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Turn the temperature dial up a little, or at least enough so the burner kicks on. Wait for the burner to finish. Then test the water temperature again, using the kitchen sink or bathroom sink faucet (not the shower control)..

Caution: Do not hold the thermometer in the water stream or coffee cup full of water. Insert the thermometer only briefly and pull it out and wait ten seconds and repeat. Otherwise the "thermal shock" may cause the thermometer to break. Actually it is the rapidly expanding fluid or mercury inside that expands too fast to go up the readout tube that can break the thermometer. When the thermometer reading gets close to the expected temperature you can leave it in the water.
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