is it time for new water heater

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is it time for new water heater

As I mentioned in different thread I bought a house and here is another problem. I need some advice what to do about water heater.
First, yes it works but strange. When I take shower( bathroom upstairs) I always turn hot water knob pretty much the same angle and I got different hot water level, sometimes it us too hot, sometimes just warm.
Then I tried to use a tub once. Water was running hot only until half of tub height, then just warm.
I looked at water heater, I saw this extension tank. Why is it there? It holds.. 1..2..3 gallons of water. I don't know. I don't think it gives you any difference in how much hot water you get.
Anyway, it says 6yr warranty I think and 80gal size.
So is it time for new one or should I ask for some help? repair?

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That is a pressure tank stick out the side of your water line. It accommodates the water that is pushed out of the tank as it's heated.

An 80 gallon tank is huge. Is you house heated with hot water? How tall is the tank and what's it's diameter? It is more common for a home to have a water heater about 40 gallon size. If you truly have an 80 gallon tank you should be able to fill a standard bathtub without the water cooling.
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It looks like a 40 gallon tank from the size. The nameplate on the front should confirm.

What's the thermostat set at (the black dial towards the bottom)?

I always turn hot water knob pretty much the same angle and I got different hot water level, sonetimes it us too hot, sometimes just warm.
This is likely more of an issue with your faucet. Sometimes they are very sensitive and can get too hot/cold with just a little tweak. But more importantly, if you set the faucet to hot, do you always get hot water?

It might be worthwhile to see what temperature the heater is actually set at. Go to your kitchen faucet, turn on hot only and let it run until it gets as hot as it can, then use a kitchen thermometer to measure the temperature. Should be set around 130-140 degrees (or possibly a bit less if you have kids).

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