Utica Gas Boiler Honeywell 8148E Aquastat no voltage on burner circut


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Utica Gas Boiler Honeywell 8148E Aquastat no voltage on burner circut

Hello All,

I have been trying to figure out why my boiler is not calling for gas and in turn is not heating up. Some basic information that I have been able to figure out, I have an Utica natGas boiler, and it has a honeywell 8148e aquastat. I have an intermittent pilot light system, not a standing pilot. I also have a vent damper.
The house thermostat is working, because when i turn the heat up the relay in the aquastat sucks in AND i can hear the circulator pump running. So I am assuming the L1, L2, C1, and C2 are all functioning normally.
I have a voltmeter and tested the above (110V). I also tested and saw that there is 24v coming to one of the Thermostat screws (TV i believe it was).
When i touch the volt meter probes to B1 and B2 i am not getting 24V. I also tried testing at the spark module but there was no 24V there as well.
With the system on and calling for heat i touched the two screws on top of the high limit switch (i believe these terminals are called B and R) and there was 0V which i believe is correct and shows that the limit switch is functioning and not the issue.
The system also has a vent damper on it, and it is NOT functioning as it should. When the system calls for heat the damper does not open. I put it in manual mode and forced the damper into the open position, however nothing happened and i still dont see 24V at B1 and B2 or have the burners firing.
When I flipped the switch out of manual mode, the damper did power up and move back into the closed position.
Could someone let me know where to connect my volt meter probes to so i can test the vent damper functionality? I am assuming the motor works because it does close the damper, but maybe the aquistat is not sending a signal to open when calling for heat? OR the switch doesnt sense that the damper is open?

any help would be appreciated, i am still a novice at this but am willing to learn/read if i need to.

thank you.

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