1800s foundation

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1800s foundation

Needing information/suggestions on repairing an old stone and mortar (?) foundation.
Someone, at some point in time painted over the foundation walls- purpose- unknown. (This is interior basement.) The walls are crumbling quite severely. And if there is something I can do to at least slow down the process for now I would appreciate any advice!
Thanks very much,
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I think that if the foundations are damaged, you need to look for a Pro. This is a serious problem.

Good luck!
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The paint is the reason your walls are in bad shape. Moisture needs to be able to escape from the wall. The paint held this moisture in, causing the wall to crumble. 100+ year old basements are alway damp because the outside walls were never sealed like they are today. Paint the inside and it will fall apart.

Now, if it is just the mortar crumbling, which is most common, unless it is a brownstone, remove the paint and tuckpoint and you will be good to go. If the stone is also failing, call a pro, you have a serious issue.
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If this is a stone foundation,take a look at all sides:Are they still straight?If it's a few stones that fell out,put them back and point them up.If the entire wall{s} look like they are leaning in,then you need to call a professional.Lots of these old stone foundations can be pointed up.ALL joints must be thoroughly cleaned first,free of all loose mortar,dust and dirt.You may want to install some drainage material on the outside of the foundation as well.In general,a foundation should never be painted,especially on the inside.I even question some of the newer basement wall sealing products that prevent water from seeping in.Sure,the water won't come in,but then where does it go?It sits there against the sealer,slowly rotting away the foundation,and eventually water will seep in even worse with structural damage to boot.Seen it too many times.

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