Extending an existing concrete patio.

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Extending an existing concrete patio.

I currently have a 5x5 cement patio in my back yard. I am wanting to extend the patio to about 16x9.

I have thought about multiple ways to accomplish my task.

My first option was to breakup and remove the existing concrete, then level and repour to the larger sizing.
The second option would be to level out the land around the patio and pour just the extension section with new concrete.

I would prefer to take the second option, but I don't think I want to see my back patio broken out into a 5x5(old)section, a 4x5(new) section and a 11x9(new) section all blocked together.

I guess my question is would it be acceptable to pour a 1in layer of cement over all three sections to make one smooth surface layer? Would this be too fragile?
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Extending an existing concrete patio.


You don't need to break the 5x5 pad to make your new patio.

You just need to follow some steps:
As you know, your new concrete will not "glue" with the old one, and as the old pad will work in a different way than the new one, the first step is consider work joints. You will need them for your new patio pad too.
You will need to connect the old area with the new area through steel wires to allow both pads to work together and avoid cracks in the joints. You will need to attach these pieces in both pads. In the new one you can attach them when you are pouring. In the old one you can drill and use an epoxy adhesive.

After these steps you floor will be ready to be finished. You can choose some type of cultured stone pavers, a concrete coating or a sealer. In all the situations you will need to respect the joints. And if you choose a sealer, probably you will have different colors in the old pad and in the new one.

Hope this helps,
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don't even mess around. 5x 5 is cake to demo and only $25 extra in concrete. you will be very happy you did.

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