Type of Mortar for Repointing

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Question Type of Mortar for Repointing

I'm a little confused about types of mortar to use re-pointing my home.

My house was build in 1893 although some records show 1913. Its nothing fancy - just a typical row house in Washington, DC. The area I'm repointing will not be seen.

Is there a pre-mix a I can use? If not, what should the mix proportions be?

thank you,
continually confused in DC
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Repointing brick


Can you give us more information? type of brick? sq. ft to be repointed?

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type of brick - standard red brick (I hope that's enough)
sq ft - 160

the joints have deteriotated pretty badly in some areas and other areas have been repointed by someone who didn't care about looks or type of mortar.
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Repair the mortar is very easy.
First you need to remove any loose mortar. Go slowly and remove also the dust. If you want to wash after, don't use pressure or chemicals. If you washed, let dry.
Replace with new mortar. Be careful with the replacement mortar's color.
Some time ago, I made a repair at home, and I found at Home Depot a "ready to use" mortar. I bought a very small bucket (125 ml) for 4 or 5 dollars. It is like plaster paste, just open and use.
Even more expensive than a common mortar, you'll avoid spots on the bricks and you don't need to worry about quantities
A tip about the tools: go to an art store and buy a little plastic pointing trowels for ceramic works, it's perfect for the job.
And a last note: be careful with the weep holes (in the wall), you can't seal them.

Let me know if you need more help,
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bungalow jeff
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Be careful!! Do NOT use modern cement-based mortar on old bricks. The mortar will be too hard for the softer old bricks and will cause deterioration of the bricks. Use an old-style lime-based mortar.
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type of mortar

Did some pointup on the old county jail,built in 1896 or 98. Theysent the mortar to a lab, it turned out to be lime and sand only. This was on rock instead of brick. Good Luck, Z
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type of mortar

Stopping Short of using a Mortar Match Service, is there anyway I can guess-timate what type of mortar to use? Is there a premix I can use?

I went to a local hardware store (not a Home Depot type place) to ask about mortar. I thought they would know more about older home requirements since they are in the neighborhood and no home near here is less than 80 years old.

The suggested Sakrete Mortar Mix (doesn't say Type N or S or anything else). the description says "sand and masonary cement OR sand, portland cement, and lime" What's this "OR" business.

how much does mortar match cost?

thanks for all your help
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I'm not sure what type of mortar to use

but as far as applying it, try using a tile grout bag. They work like a pastry bag used to decorate a cake. You can just squirt the mortar into the cracks.

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