Brick pavers over concrete sidewalk & stoop

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Brick pavers over concrete sidewalk & stoop

A number of my neighbors have spruced up their dreary concrete sidewalks by bricking over them with bricks and or brick pavers. Typically, they've bricked the sidewalk from the driveway up to the front door including steps up to the door. I've handled some fairly difficult ceramic tile projects and would like to try doing this on my own. Is there any surface prep? What do I use to attach the brick to the concrete and is it the same stuff I will use between the bricks i.e., like thinset and grout? Does it need to be sealed once its done? How about any uneven spots between sections of the sidewalk?
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Concrete pavers is a very easy DIY project. In the last weeks we had several discussions about this subject

Please, check these links and feel free to ask us if you have further questions

Good luck!!
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Hi Tom, Yes ,,u can use thinset to place your brick pavers on concrete ,,but only if your surface is level . If u have uneven walk ,the thinset will not allow u to make up the imperfections to get the pavers level.
For grout u need to use masonry mortar mix (Type -S) mix wth 3 parts sand to 1 part mortar. Use a grout bag to fill joints and tool the joints as they set up .
Make sure u buy modular size brick pavers which allows u to make different patterns and still have 3/8 in mortar joints.

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I would use a type S mortar to set your pavers, because it will hold up to the elements better. Once you are done you do need to seal it with a good sealer about once every 2 years. You might check with your local brick supplier and see about using split pavers. They are a thinner version of pavers(about 2" thick) and may be easier for someone with tile experience to lay.

Good Luck
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Laying pavers on a concrete sidewalk

This is exactly the question I am searching for an answer to. I am putting in a paver patio(using the gravel and sand bed) in my yard, and there is a concrete sidewalk running through the yard which is in front of/abutting the space I'm using for the patio. I don't want to have to tear up the sidewalk if I don't have to, but instead would like to try laying pavers on top of the sidewalk to match/extend the patio. The pavers on the sidewalk need to be the same height and grade obviously. Was thinking of using mortar-mix (type-S) to adhere the pavers to the sidewalk. This would allow the me to adjust the height/grade of the pavers on the sidewalk slightly, so as to match the patio pavers. Will the pavers 'pop' of the mortar bed? I am planning on using polymeric sand and also a sealer once they are all laid.
Thanks for any help.

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I think your issue will be around different settling and movement between the slab base and the gravel/sand base. As perfect as you will make it during installation the pavers on the vibrated and screeded sand will settle and move over a few months, especially during the seasons and you will end up regularly having to re-level the pavers with those mounted on the slab, and likely see some crack and break on those that overlap the two bases. The best result will be to remove the sidewalk slab in my opinion and install all on the same base.

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