Pathmate Random Stone Instructions

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David Fulford
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Pathmate Random Stone Instructions

I lost the instructions.

I know it's not hard, but I need to know how to make curves. Does anyone have them that they can email me? I can probably fumble with it to get it to work, but I'd rather have the instructions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hope this isn't too late!

I'm starting my first project with the PathMate tomorrow.

Here's how to make curves:

"The midline of the PathMate provides a guide for making a curve. Simply fill one half of the PathMate and then abut side A or side C to the mid-line to continue the curve. Continue this process until you have curved the desired amount."

Good luck!
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David Fulford
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Not too late.

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Glad to help.

My project (a 4'x6' walkway) turned out pretty well. One thing I'd do different if I were pouring more than 15 molds would be to rent a cement mixer! It was my first time using cement and I found it difficult to keep the consistancy correct. Not to mention the physical challenge involved!
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David Fulford
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Glad it turned out OK. Do you have one of those mixing barrels that you roll back and forth on the ground? That helps a lot with the consistency because the lid is indented and is graduated so you can measure the correct amount of water for 40 or 60lb bags. That way you keep a consistent consistency

Even with that though it's a lot of work. My previous project was a 35' long path, one mold wide. That was a pain in the butt. If I were to do it over I'd rent a mixer also. You can still measure the water and keep it consistent. Even though it's a lot of work, they still make nice looking pathways.

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Yes, I did have one of those barrel things, but it didn't work 30 seconds! Right! Also, the amount of water for the type of cement I was mixing was not enough. I followed the directions, but found I was better off mixing it in a wheelbarrow.

If you've got hints on how to make that rolling barrel thing work, I'd appreciate any!

I'm pretty happing with the way my project turned out. I had some friends come over and we "stuck stuff in" the wet cement. I'm going to try filling around it with some sort of colored glass like the stuff at the bottom of a fish tank. (The stuff was a lot of blue glass, so I think it will compliment it nicely). I plan on filling it about half way with sand, then use the fish tank stuff. It's on a hill though, so it might wash away.
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What type of cement are you using ?

Is it rapid set / Quick dry concrete / just common general cement ?

I am plan to mix sand and gravel and sand by myself because it will be lots cheaper.
But not sure what cement is suitable for this ?

I am afraid if using general cement, it will require me to wait long time before I can take the mould.

Will it still strong enough if using general cement ? can I take it the mould in 2 - 5 mins ?

Thanks for your answer.
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