sand "scratching" new brick patio

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sand "scratching" new brick patio


I searched for any info. on this and couldn't find anything.

I am installing a mortarless brick patio and was using "all purpose sand" from Orchard Supply Hardware for in between the bricks. I then bought some sand from a different place that was mortar-plas-play sand and it seems like it is scratching the bricks.

I am only doing small sections at a time and honestly can't remember if the first section of bricks I did (with the all purpose sand) looked scratched or "faded" from the sand after I brushed it in between the bricks. And when I used the second sand, I brushed some over the first section I did just to fill it in a little more.......

Do you think the second sand I bought was too abrasive? Or does all sand make the bricks looks faded and roughed up like that? I have only done about a 4' x 6' area so I have no problem doing it over if I have to. Also, I don't know if it matters but when I used the second type of sand, it was wet when I was brushed it in - would that have made it more abrasive also?

Thanks for any help,
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Who's pavers are you using?

There are quite a number of paver manufacturers... and quite a variety of pavers out there... either concrete, or clay, with dense or porous bodies.

All Purpose Sands have fines and small stones... and is basically not graded material. Masonry Sands, Silica Sands, or even the new Polymeric Sands have been typicallywashed and graded.

All Purpose Sand is not typically recommended for sweeping between joints, because, at the end of the day, you'll be sweeping up piles of stones too large to fall into the joints.

Without viewing the project, it sounds like you have a rough/porous paver... and the fines have lodged themselves into the surface pores... giving you a different look. Have you hosed the sand off? I'm not talking pressure washer... I'm talking gardern hose nozzle.

Regardless, thank goodness you didn't mix cement in with sand, or the alleged problem would have been more permanent.

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