Cracked slab repair

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Cracked slab repair

Has anyone out there every jacked and leveled a cracked slab themselves, that is without paying someone $400-$600 per piling?

This looked like the best place to post this question, since many of us here will try things that the "average bear" might not. When I lived in Houston I bought a few places with bad slabs and had one that I owned go on me but I've never seen one like this.

The crack starts on the covered front porch and continues on a pretty straight line into the den for about 12 feet. This is no slight seperation, at the outside edge it's about 3 inches lower than the other side of the crack and the crack is about 8-10 inches in from the edge.

I'm not even sure that I'm interested in this pig because it needs a lot of other stuff to make it right and the bank is asking $42K right now. Doubt that I'd give them over about $20K in its present shape.

Come on guys, give me some ideas.

Thanks and everyone have a great holiday season.

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I think I would run as far from this as I could. This failure sounds like a really serious problem with whatever is under the slab. Maybe the base material wasn't compacted properly before the slab was poured or there has been some other problem (broken piping?) that has caused erosion under the slab.

Whatever the cause, the slab lost it's support, cracked and settled. It can probably be fixed, but it will be pricey. Unless the property has other redeeming features that make it worthwhile, I would pass.

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