Foundation Crack

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Unhappy Foundation Crack

There is a vertical foundation crack on the side of my one car garage and it seems like its pushing my stone wall that rest on top of the foundation. There is a vertical gap where this stone wall meets my brick wall and I am afraid this stone wall will fall one day. I know that stones are held in place by brackets when they built a structure. The crack was repaired 4 year ago uncussesfuly. The guy dug about 3 feet and put some patching coumpoud in the crack . Do I have to dig down to the footing and inspect it more? Winter time seems to be a problem since water can be traped in the crack and freeze. Almost all the houses in my neighbourhood have this problem. What is the best way to repair a crack like this?
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yes, digging down to the footer is what you will have to do, since that is where your problem lies, what you will do when you get there, depends on what you see. Have someone who can fix or access the problem there ready to look at it , after you expose the problem.

When you dig down to the footer following the crack all the way down, however, there you will see where the crack ends but you will not be able to fix the problem once this is done, because one of the corners on either side of the crack has settled down, place where crack is, of course, did not settle with it, to find out get transit and shoot the height of the top of wall where crack is and top of each opposing corners, one or both will be lower if one is same and one is lower, the lower corner needs to be dug up and raised, if this is possible I am not familiar.

Sound like your hous and other are built where there must be a lot of ledges in the bedrock.

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