Existing concrete- extend and resurface?

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Existing concrete- extend and resurface?

I need to fix up the front porch and path. Considering it's 40 years old, the concrete is in good shape with one hairline crack on the path. Both are very discolored however and the porch has some crude grooves to simulate flagstones and more where I think there was an urn.

The plan is to resurface using Sakrete Resurfacer with color additive. So far so good, but now we would also like to add to the existing concrete by filling in one section between the path and porch(about 10 sq ft). The we'd like to resurface all for consistent level and color.

So, should I just use regular concrete for the new area = if so should I leave a gap to fill between areas with resurfacer? Should I be using a bonding agent to try to join the new to the old? Should I even build up the new area with multiple layers of resurfacer?

Help please,

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The ten by ten section you wish to pour, would have to either be mixed by hand by you, or brought in by a cement delivery truck.
The area you need to pour roughly 10' x 10' x 4" with out doing the math I would say would between 1 1/2 and 2 yards of concrete.

The minimum usually a cement company will deliver is three yards, I am not saying they will not delivery 2 yards, but if they do the will charge you with three yards, as this is there minimum delivery, that is the way it is where I live and other places may be different. Call concrete plant and find out what there minimum is.

It is best for you to have the company delivery the full 3 yds since this is what will be charged, just have anoither place ready to pour if you have more concrete left over, even forming squares out of two by fours to pour small slabs that copuld be moved to other locations as you find the need for them is better then paying for concrete you will not get.

You said concrete has been there along time, so area where concrete needs to be poured has settled all it is going to, so you should be able to dig down 4 or 5 inches, form the sides with wood and place control joint material against concrete that exists both at the slab and base of steps whatever the case maybe, if you think that you should bond the new slab with existing concrete, hammer drill 3/8th inch holes in to old concrete and insert 3/8ths inch re-bar letting it extend in to you new pour but make sure expansion material is drilled out to except the re-bar cause you will need this expansion, and probably need to put expansion in new pour breaking it down, to two 5 foot sections .

If I have overlooked something, others will see it and hopefully fill in the gaps.
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OK, thanks a bunch - that pretty much covers it unless anyone has any extras to add. After checking a few previous posts here, I was planning to add a wire mesh to tie the blocks together. It's a roughly triangular section between the existing front porch and walkway.
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Incidentally, that's a 10 sq ft area - basically a triangle of about 5 ft long and 4ft at the base so I guess I can skip the control joints. It's in Florida also by the way, so no frost heaving involved.


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