Stone cutting-Worm drive-HELP

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Stone cutting-Worm drive-HELP

Hi guys.

I need some advice about a concern i have. What i have here is, i need to cut some stones (blue stone if any one is familiar, it is a slate type stone, 1-2 inches thick) Anyway, my concern would be, using my Worm drive skilsaw with a masonry wheel on it, and shortening the life of my saw. How detrimental is this for my saw, will it rapidly shorten the life of my saw? What are your suggestions? What is your expierience?

Thanks in advance to all!
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A worm drive saw I'm sure would have the power but abrasives for circular saws are used dry. I think dust would be the problem.

How much do you have to cut?

One of my first tool purchases when I went into business twenty years ago was a Makita 10" wood mitre saw.
Trying to make do I had cut many a piece of angle iron in this saw with a steel cutting blade and it still cuts mitres in wood like when it was new.
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Yes, the abrasive dust would be my concern too. If anyone who has expierience on this i would greatly apreciate hearing from you. It is BRAND new Skillsaw worm drive. A decent amout of cutting, but a chop saw would not be an option, the pieces of stone are, 3'x2'x1-2" . I'm planning on this being my main tool for this type of cutting. I have been told by others in the buisness that most guys use a circular saw with some sort of masonry blade. anyway...

Not to moderator---If you think i might get a better response fromt he Bricks masonry concrete forum, can you please move this post to the apropriate place? I would apreciate that greatly.


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