Depth and level for crushed rock, sand, paver patio

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Depth and level for crushed rock, sand, paver patio

I am installing a Pavestone pavers patio. I have dug out the area to the depth of around 7 inches, with the plan to have four inches of crushed stone, one inch of sand and then the pavers. I know how to rake the gravel and screed the sand to get a smooth and level surface. However, in order to get off to a good start, is there a trick to determining/ensuring that the hole is the same depth for the entire area and will be the correct depth and elevation?
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You could drive stakes at the corners, the way batter boards are placed. Pull strings and level them with a string level and measure down to ensure the correct depth. You can check the level of the bottom with a four foot level.

You could install 2x4 along the edge of the excavation and level them. Then use them to strike off the levels with a 2x4 from side to side with an offset cut into it to make it sit at the right height.

Hope this helps.
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Installation Instructions - Pavers/Sidewalk Slabs

Related to your question, last month I wanted to install a sidewalk using those precast concrete sidewalk slabs (the 24"x30" to be exact).

In searching the internet for any kind of instructions on how best to install them I found a page from a hand-tool maker's website that gives good details on how to install precast concrete sidewalk slab - things like depths and material to use, the layers, and even some tips on the installation steps. I found a lot of the advice on the page quite helpful.

If you are interested, the web site was:

In fact, the the page is part of a web site for a hand tool that helps to install those heavy and awkward slabs (hence the web site name of slabsetters).

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