Mortar not sticking to brick

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Ralph B
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Mortar not sticking to brick

I am putting some bricks in between two picture windows at the front of my house (wood was previously there). I purchased some used matching bricks and type S mortar. At the base, is an angled brick sill. I mixed a small amount of mortar, and attached a single brick (which I leveled). The next day (about 13 hr.s later) I gently pulled on the brick, and it came out. The mortar was very hard, but seemed like it didn't adhere to the brick at all, though it did bind to the brick sill. A guy at home depot thought there might be a sealer on the brick. I sanded, and wire brushed the surface, and tryed again...same thing happened.

Any suggestions?

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The Brick itself could have some to do with this. A Brick that is what would be called a "Hot" Brick meaning it will absorb moisture very fast will tend not to bond as well as the Brick that will not absorb moisture. Another thing is the initial setting of the Brick. Setting the Brick in the correct position the very first time will help a lot. If you have to move the Brick around a few times you will lose some of the Bond. Type "S" Mortar is also more brittle at first. It will take awhile before it is cured completely. The consistency of the Mortar is another thing if it is Dry you won't get a great bond.

Use Bricks can be this way also. Is it just one Brick you're trying to stick down? IF so you may want to use a Bonding agent.
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Ralph B
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Brick Type

Thanks for your reply, Mortarman

I think I have a brick type that that doesn't bond well. I am doing a stack of (16) bricks between the windows, I had mortared a single brick as a level foundation.

It would be possible to use mortar (for looks) and liquid nails to adhere the brick to the brown insulating board (located behind the bricks-don't know what its called). Do you think this is a good idea? Again, this stack of bricks is purely cosmetic.

Thank you,

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