Moldy and Disfigured Cinderblock

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Moldy and Disfigured Cinderblock

I bought my home not too long ago, and apparently the backyard neighbors (who have a /beautiful/ lawn) overwater their grass :P The bad part of it is that the sprinklers that are flush with the back wall (directly on the other side of MY back cinderblock wall) are omnidirectional, and they soak the wall every day.

This has caused this nasty, disgusting mold and disfiguration of my wall. What I want to know is this: Is there any way to easily fix this? Or am I going to have the get the wall re-built?

Thanks in advance for letting me know. Also, I've included a picture of what I'm talking about...

Can't link pictures in the post, so you'll have to copy them and paste them into your address bar.

Thanks alot in advance for any help! =)
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Concrete blocks should last indefinitely, at least 100 or more years. Pictures revealed that it appeared that it is not the blocks themselves that are deteriorating but the mortar crumbling and coming out from between blocks. Water on blocks appear to have resulted in crusty efflorescence due to leaching of mineral salts out of the block. Blocks can be repointed with mortar, chipping out old and installing new. It did not appear that blocks were spalling. This is when water gets behind or in blocks and freezes and forces out chunks of block.

Blocks made in 40's and 50's were actually made with cinders and not crushed stone. Thus, they were light and did not hold up as well. Occasionally there are defective blocks due to defective concrete in blocks, but that did not appear evident in pictures.

There are concrete cleaners that will clean concrete, blocks, masonry, stones, etc. Once cleaned and repointed, you can keep the block sealed with masonry sealer. Neighbors must keep their sprinklers off your house.
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I'd bill the neighbor for any costs incurred too.

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