previously repaired foundation crack actively leaking

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previously repaired foundation crack actively leaking

Our home is just about 35 yrs old or so. We purchased it 4 yrs ago and were aware of 3 foundation cracks that had been previously sealed.

We've had quite a bit of snow with rapid snow melting and then pouring rains. One of the cracks is now actively leaking soaking our brand new carpet/padding Of course, HO insurance doesn't cover this loss.

We have called numerous concrete repair companies and some are 2-3 wks out for appointments! We're so confused, as every company we speak to has their own opinions on how best to repair this crack, as well as such a difference in pricing (from $250 - $350 per crack). Some say to repair it from the outside AND inside... some say just the inside.

How does one know which way is the best way??? We've tried to research it on the Internet and we've found conflicting info on there as well.

Any ideas?? UGh.. so frustrating...
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I just had a structural engineer propose a solution to the problem of a cracked concrete block wall in my garage. He said to have the contractor inject grout into the fissure from both sides to bond and fill the crack. It had been repaired in the past with some sort of mastic or other material that must have come from a caulking tube.

It seems that a repair with some sort of guarantee would be nice. I certainly would want to get some references from other customers who had the same sort of repair made.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks.. I'll pass the info on to my husband. The frustrating part is all these companies have a 10 yr guarantee on their work, but if it flood my basement again, what good will it do to have the crack guaranteed? They won't cover my losses, right?

I don't know. Figures we just remodeled the basement and the new carpet was installed in Nov and now there's a 6x10 foot section that is completely SOPPED

Oh, well.. it's always something!

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