Foam stacked foundation forms

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Foam stacked foundation forms

I have seen the sites advertising how these are so easy sounds like bs to me. Anyone here use them ever? I really don't want to but may have to build my own footer and foundation walls to stay within budget of my house to be built. As well as do all the digging myself. If I use concrete blocks do I have to then fill them with concrete? If I pour the foundation wall as one piece will I have to deal with efflurescence? And have to acid wash the foundation walls? Do I have to use a concrete vibrator and if so will all the gravel go to the bottom? Seems like a good way to create a disaster for myself. How about the stackable morless blocks from haener they are supposed to be easy to build but is filling them going to be a pain? I'm pretty sure I would have to get a concrete truck plus a concrete pumping truck to fill either kind of block wonder if that is wrong place to try and save a buck or 2? Do I have to use a concrete vibrator on the foundation walls or footer at all? If not I can probably do both myself as long as I don't separate the mixture. I can probably get away with setting up the basement slab although I know I can't pour and finish it I don't have those abilities I will have to sub contract that part out. How much of the footer,and foundation wall is labor wondering if I should just pay that labor and look elsewhere for savings?
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First let me say I do not moderate this forum. My post is based on years (decades) of experience and some common sense.

1. Your house (and family) depends on the footers and foundation. A mistake here will be very costly in the future. This is not where you want to scrimp.
2. This sounds like your first concrete "job". I wouldn't want to learn in this situation.
3. I think if you actually (and honestly) cost out having this done, you will find that there is very little (if any) savings in doing it yourself.
4. My bro-in-law built his own house - framing, pulling electric, roofing. He only subbed out a few items. Even though he had experience working with concrete (he did the pours for several barn floors on his farm) he subbed out the footers and foundation.

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