Cracked garage floor

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Cracked garage floor

I recently built a garage and I am having a problem with the floor cracking. I was hoping someone may have some suggestions at least to what won't work. What I believe happened is this. I had a contractor do the excavation work. He told me he would tamp the interior with a tamper in layers with a tamper and so forth. I don't think that part ever happened. At best, he might of tamped it with his bucket before laying the gravel. I then had the floor poured and power finished so I cold later seal it. Now I have some pretty bad cracks that seem to be slowly getting worse. Someone told me I might be able to drill some holes and pump grout in to possibly lesson the cracks and at least stop it from getting worse. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you handle it. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I can e-mail a picture if needed.

Thank you.
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Well there some thing you should look at
1. are the crack more than 1/4 in?
If so he should comeback and fix them.If there a warranty on the job

2. Is one side ot the crack higher than the other?
if so that means there water under the slab.
If he warranty the work he should fix it
you need to make a hole somewhere behind the garage below the floor to get water out.
3. If no warranty on job to fix crack go to your home depot or lowes store and get crack fill. It in a squeeze bottle and it does a nice jib.



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