Faux concrete mosaic

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Faux concrete mosaic

Did anyone tried Debbie Travis's technique of covering shower walls with faux mosaics made of concrete?

She covers a bathroom wall (including the shower stall portion) with a thin coat of concrete and then takes a plastic grid (the kind that you put in those overhead florescent lights) and pushes it into the concrete. This gives you a tiny little square grid pattern that looks exactly like mosaic tiles w/ grout lines. Then she paints the faux 'tiles' and grout lines, etc. The concrete sealer goes on last to waterproof.

I really would like to try this, so I would appreciate any tips.


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i haven't tried it, but i saw that show. i remember thinking that it seemed like a whole lot of work for what will still be fake tile in the end. i think just tiling with real tile would be the same amount of work, but you'd end up with something more valuable, and surely longer lasting.
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This sounds like a fun project to do but I would not try it in the shower for my first attempt. Nothing like leaking shower walls to promote mold and mildew, and stains and smell and yuck!!
I have been thinking about this since I first read your thread and will try this on a back splash for the kitchen. I want a mosaic and what better way to do it than with paint rather than cutting all those tiles into the shape I need.
I am going to try this on a piece of plywood no I am going to resurface a table on my back patio using this technique this weekend. Maybe paint kokopeli on it hmmmm??? This sounds like fun I will then see how water proof I can make it with sealers and if it passes I will do the back splash
Heck if it is durable I just might redo the countertops too
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I didn't see the show but wish I had. This would be a great border for a small driveway cobble pattern I'll be doing in cement this year. Might work well for exterior basement stairwells and such too. If you're doing cement anyway, it costs nothing.

What kind of "cement" did she use? Was it on a cement board backing, or was it reinforced somehow?
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I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I plan on doing this to my shower as it is now a fiberglass piece of junk.
(Getting the fiberglass kit out will be tough though.)

The concrete that she did was stained in the cracks to look like grout and then sealed.
She used cement backerboard with mortar on top of it. before she did this she installed an aluminum or stainless steel shower floor, i think. I can't remember if the floor was then covered in mortar also.
*Before you slap on the concrete, chicken wire attached to the concrete backer board might be a good idea for reinforcement.

I also think that it is a safe idea to try this on an old piece of furniture first and have been thinking about the backsplash for my kitchen as well. Practice makes perfect.
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concrete tiles

I was thrilled when i saw this show segment. Its cost effective AND it didnt look hard to me..... she just layed a layer of cement, took her grid and pressed ajoining panels into the soft concrete..then when it was COMPLETELY dried , she went over with a white primer using a VERY dry roller then wiped away the excess from the "tiles" leaving a white grout effect. Then you are left witht the option to stain "tiles" or leave "industrial looking. I would choose to use concrete stain and carfully with a rag stain the higher "tiles" avoiding the "grout"....for this id make sure to get a nice deep press in for the grout lines to avoid the tile and the grout colors mixing.

I would get Alternating cans of concrete stain colors and swipe alternate areas to create a flagstone variation color effect...it sounds crazy but it would be a relatively fast processes since its just stain.....

she used an irredecent sealer of some kind which dried glossy. But i imagine you could use any cement sealer....you could even highly polish your concrete BEFORE the grout work (which you'd just wipe off polished tiles much the same way you would going regular grout. You could even break tiny peices of pottery for the mosaic effect in just some of the tiles (like maybe just the border OR a center pattern) to make it look even more "real". Also, (stay with me you could easily make or find a bigger tiles grid if you wanted to.

Im going to try this on an old slab porch..i was going to just stain the concrete but this brings a whole new texture...please let me know if anyone tries it!

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