staining / painting concrete patio

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staining / painting concrete patio

I'm looking for some guidance on a summer project I'd like to do. I have an outdoor concrete patio (10'x25') & it is quite an eyesore, especially since I spend a lot of time out on the patio. I'd like to end up with a tiled look to the slab, just a standard 12"x12" tile look. I've considered laying actual tile down, but the cost is high & I'm concerned about adhesion to the slab during various weather conditions (cold, hot, wet, dry, etc) I'm now considering the coloring & scoring approach. This would have to be a "do it yourself" type project, as the local contractor has a minimum charge of $1500. My question(s) are where might I get information & the actual stain? Has anyone doe this before & could step me through it? Is stain better than a concrete paint?

Any & all help is appreciated.

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Not much help but....

I just stained my patio and I dont think there would be much difference between the two. Here's why. Go to one of your mega handyman's stores and look at the directions on the can of concrete stain. After surface preparation, it states that you must seal the concrete surface before applying the stain.
Now simple logic tells me that a stain is meant to penetrate and soak in to a surface. A sealer would prevent the stain from soaking into the pourous concrete surface. Therefore, what you really have in my opinion is basically a painted surface. The directions also state that if you have moisture coming up from underneath the slab,( I forget the technical term for this) you should not us this product. That goes for the paint also. But you would also think that a sealer would prevent that also. The directions also state, and this does make sense, that you should apply a sealer after staining or painting as a protective coating.
The stain comes in semi transparent and solid colors and can be applied with brush, roller, paint sprayer, or pump up sprayer. I believe a gallon covers approx. 4-600 sq. ft.
I'm sure someone more knowledgable will explain away my sealer theory and I'd sure like to hear one.

I have seen one patio painted in a brick pattern simply by using masking tape on the floor prior to painting. The tape covers what would be the mortar joint and you paint to the tape. Remove the tape and you have clean painted lines that distinguish the painted bricks (or tile) from the mortar (or grout) joints where the tape was.
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Whats wrong with the surface, is it cracked, pitted, staining or painting not going to help this. You could resuface it there are companies that will make it look like whatever you want or you could dry lay paving stones over it.

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