Please Help about this

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Please Help about this

Hello all please help ,

I'm pretty good at DIY projects.. But this ones has me stopped..

Ok I want to build a wall (retaining) around my garage after I get some dirt removed.

I need to build a wall approx 1' starting out to approx 12' high that will not fall in. I dont think that I can just use blocks with no mortor or concrete. But
I had made a fast drawling on what I need..

This wall will be approx 1' starting out and going approx 20 feet till it reaches 12' and then going back down till it reaches 1 ' again. It would be a like a retaining wall around 2 sides of a garage. See the pictures below..

Example from the air that I made real quick.

Example from the ground looking at the walls..

Not sure what to do about this as I can do concrete, bricks, stone, etc.. just dont want the wall to start to fall down... Also drains not sure about..

Please if anyone knows what I need to do here let me know..

Thank you for your time.
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Please help about this

I have some observations and suggestions.

1. This is a very ambitious DIY project that probably should be left to a contractor because of the equipment and experience needed (example: What if it rains in the middle of the job?). It is possible to DIY if you have some friends and access to equipment.

2. You will probably need a permit because of the height. Most municipalities require this for any retaining wall over 4 feet high. Keeping 12 feet of soil back in all conditions is many, many times tougher than building a few 8 foot high stick walls to keep out the wind.

3. You will need design help from a professional. Probably is required with the permit and definitely required by common sense. Any wall over 4 feet high must be "engineered" (design tables can be used if you know how to use them).

4. You probably are not looking at a poured wall because of the variable height, curves, special equipment and difficulty. You probably would find a segemental retaining wall the cheapest, most flexible and most attractive (if that is a factor). A timber retaining wall would be a possibility is you can get a lot of creosoted railroad ties free (pressure treated wood won't fly for this type because of height, durability and cost). Concrete "cribbling" is meant for other types of walls and requires special equipment and access.

5. If you need information on ideas and designs take a look at the sites for "Allan Retaining Walls", "Anchor Wall Systems", Keystone Retaining Walls" and " Versalok Retaining Walls". All have good sites, engineering references and availability through many outlets, such as HD, Lowes, Menards, and many landscapers. They may show you how to cut down the 12 foot height using stepped or muntilpe lower walls if you have some room.

6. I don't have any suggestions for timber walls except for Sunset magazine and various DIY books, but most don't have good information on walls of this magnitude.


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