Continuation to my concrete question...

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Continuation to my concrete question...

Ok so I posted a question earlier about filling in cracks in a slab and what was the best concrete to use which a gentleman named Shane was very helpful, but then I found out a whole lot more into on this floor my friend wants to fix. Turns out it's not just cracks, there's pieces of concrete missing in the floor. The area is a basement to a restaraunt and the floor has chips and chunks of concrete missing from slamming the kegs down on the floor. What the want to do is reapair the areas that are real bad so no on trips on the wholes. rather than clear everthing out and pour a whole new floor they want to fill in the wholes and cracks to bring the damaged areas back up to level with the good areas. Does this make any sense to anyone? So the question is what's the best concrete for doing this? Personally I would just do a coat over the whole floor but whatever I'm just the girl sent to ask the questions. So if anyone could help me out that would be great.

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Depending upon the degree and extent of the damage to the floor, you may be dealing with resurfacing. If the damage is not so extensive, this guide will still be helpful in repairing the pits and dings in the surface of the concrete floor.


You are essentially cleaning the loose material, mixing the repair product, applying a bonding agent as needed, applying the repair, leveling, and allowing it to cure. If these are dings as you describe, patching compound may be just what you need. This ready to mix product is handy for filling small holes and such. It sets too fast to use on holes much larger than a baking dish.

Hope this helps.

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