Garage slab and driveway reinforcement: rebar, wire mesh, or nylon strands

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Garage slab and driveway reinforcement: rebar, wire mesh, or nylon strands

I was talking with a company about pouring concrete for my garage slab and driveway (in Wisconsin). They offered me rebar, wire mesh, or nylon strands for the reinforcement - and stated that the price would be the same whichever of the three I chose. Additionally, they recommended the nylon strands mixed into the concrete as the best option.

Same price for all three seem right?

Nylon strands really the best option?

What would you recommend?
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Garage slab and driveway reinforcement: rebar, wire mesh, or nylon strands

The type of concrete you are refering to is reinforced with some type of fiber mesh added and mixed into the concrete. There are many types of fibers(glass, nylon, polypropylene, etc) that have been used. They increase the tensile strength of the concrete and reduce or eliminate (depending on the slab dimensions) cracks. It is not a fly-by-night technology, but is backed by the fiber industry.

One of the advantages is that this type of concrete can be removed and recycled for other uses since it does not have the steel in it. Some municipalities require concrete with no steel in some applications.

In northern Michigan, I had a driveway installed and specified fibers in addition to the usual steel mesh. I also used 4000 psi air-entrained concrete for durability. In addition, I had the joints sawed the next day for appearance (looks much better). You only do this once and a little extra material cost is well worth it.

The only problem I have heard is that with a steel trowel finish some of the fibers can be exposed initially, but they wear off. For a driveway, you would go with a safer finish (broomed) and never know they were there.

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Concrete reinforcement....

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the most prevelant product used is "Fibermesh" or "Fibermix", which are fiberglass strands mixed into the premix in the truck as it is batched. I have used this product extensively with excellent results and, in my experience, have found that it reduces the likelyhood of cracking versus steel bar or mesh which only serves to prevent seperation of the cracks after they occur. The "Fibermix" is a finer size product and is not as prone to being visible after final finishing, but either product can be burned off with a propane torch if visible. I put it in my own slabs, etc. both interior and exterior. Highly recommended and much less labor than the placement and stumbling on steel mesh or bars during placement. Be aware that it can mildly accelerate the setting/workability time of the concrete and take that into your slump specifications/grade prep., etc. Good luck!

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