Porch and Stairs Settled Away From House

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Arrow Porch and Stairs Settled Away From House

I've searched the forum and couldn't find a match to my question.

I have a poured concrete porch and steps (one piece) which has settled on the yard side, to seperate the porch from the house by about 3 inches. Although I could fill in the gap between them, because the porch is not even close to level now, could I frame up the porch and steps and pour new concrete over the top of the old, leveling the porch and steps and filling the gap as well?

I don't believe the porch will do any more settling (it's been there for 30 years and is still in good shape other than the settling.)

I understand concrete doesn't 'glue' well to other concrete; but, I'm actually thinking about replacing it all with a wood deck next year or the year after, so I don't really care if it only lasts a few years.

Any thoughts???
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While I don't have any experience with the process, i've read about companies that can jack up concrete structures like porches steps and sidewalks etc.. and shore them up after settling. I believe they use airbags to lift it back into place.

You might want to check around to see if that would be a viable option for you.
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If its durability is of no concern, then form it and pour a new round of concrete. You can clean the surface and use a bonding product to improve the bond of the new concrete. With this it should last.

The porch probably needed more footer than was provided. Jacking seems to be more expensive of a solution than may be warranted for a porch and steps.
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Thank you

Thank you, Chris--I agree.
Jacking just isn't an option (too cost prohibitive, and not really a DIY project).
Just wanted to get it somewhat level and keep water from getting between it and the foundation for a while.
Then that is what I will do. Clean it, Form it, Bond it, and pour it. Thanks again!

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