How to erect a post in asphalt driveway

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How to erect a post in asphalt driveway

I have a small rental property on a small lot with a detached garage behind the main structure. The driveway leads to the garage is narrow and placed right next to the main structure. I am very concern that my tenants may one day back into the house due to carelessness or poor driving skill (like what my wife almost did the other day). I am planning to erect a permanent concrete post (about 6-8" dia and 4 ft tall) to prevent accidental damage to the main sturcture. The spot I picked is somewhere on the asphalt driveway. I am looking for suggestions how I should anchor a post like that (budget of $100 or not too much more) firmly into the driveway. I am also open to maybe using a pressure treated 4x4 wood beam (how should that be installed?). Thanks for your help!


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How to erect a post in asphalt driveway

You said permanent didn't you? Then don't think of wood embedded in soil when it comes to stopping cars.

Rent a manual post hole digger (any style you want).

Dig a 12 inch or so diameter hole about 4 feet deep. The deeper and/or the wider, the bigger and/or faster car it will stop.

Buy a piece of 3" or 4" pipe long enough to project 4 feet above the driveway level (you want it visable). Get a pipe with one end threaded for a cap (the top).

Plumb the post and brace it.

Fill the hole with concrete (Quickrete, Sackrete, etc) or one of the dry mixes that add water too later. The strength isn't too important.

For extra strength you can fill the pipe with concrete before capping.

Put on the cap and go with the optional paint job.

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Drilling through asphalt driveway


What kind of post digger (portable) would go through the hard asphalt surface? Thanks.

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It wont go through that, you need to get a cold chisel and chop out something a few inches larger then the auger.

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