Sealing a mouse hole


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Question Sealing a mouse hole

I am new to living in a brick house and have found that we have a rodent problem. I believe that they are entering the house through the a/c opening in the exterior brick/mortar. What is the best material for sealing that hole?

Secondly, I have noticed that near the foundation all around the exterior of the house, between every 5th-or-so brick, there is a gap in the mortar. Why is this, and could this potentially become other rodent entry ways?

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1- You can try to caulk the hole shut depending on how large it is.

2- What size are the holes? Sounds like weep holes to let the moisture drain out.
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Thanks, Hellrazer.

1. Any particular recommended caulk?

2. The holes are basically 2 - 2.5". They are where the vertical mortar joints should be. Would I be harming anything if I sealed them?
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Leave the gaps alone.

The "mortar gaps" (refered to as #2) are there for a very good reason - Do Not seal them in any way. They allow for proper moisture control. Unless you have some other problems with your walls, mice will not enter your home through these gaps.

I would think that any exterior chaulk would be effective for the crack by the A/C opening. Read the instructions on the chaulking to ensure that it is a good choice for the size of crack you have.

By the way, rodents can enter from almost any opening including those that are up high on your house. Enjoy the challenge of finding and sealing the entry points!
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holes in masonry every 4th - 5th brick

I just read these gaps in the bricks every so often are called weep holes, and are there to ventilate, they are necessary. However, there are metal vents you can buy that get inserted in these "weep holes" and prevent mice and etc from entering the wall through them.

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