Question Regarding weep holes

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Question Question Regarding weep holes

We moved to beautiful sunny Florida one year ago. Since then we have been visited by many hurricanes. We live five house from the bay. Dennis the hurricane caused a small amount of water to leak in one room. I believe it leaked do the the weep holes in our brick.

My question would it be ok to block or fill the weep holes temp. if we know there is a hurricane headed our way? The second question depending on the answer to the first. Is what would you use to temp. fill these holes.

Thanks in advance,
Jo Ann looking for answers
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weep holes

Not knowing where you observed leaks in relation to the weep holes, it would be diffciult to say that would solve you problme in the future. As you may know weep holes alow moisture to escape. If the weep holes are the only culprit for letting water into your house durring a hurricane, you have a pretty tight house. It would not be a problem to block those holes if you believe it would block water coming in during a hurricane, as long as you reopened them.
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We have become quite creative when it comes to sand bagging our home against flood waters. The first thing we did was use air mattress' filled half with water to block our doorways. Weighted down with concrete blocks. The second thing we did was build a 8 inch elevated flower bed surrounded with concrete blocks that were filled with sand and then the blocks were concreted over the top. Then we filled it with half sand and half top soil. Trying to create a sort of permant sandbag effect for the back of our house which backs up to the bayou. (that is when I first saw weep holes) My husband had to create a cover for them so that sand would not block them yet they could still drain. We plan to decorate those blocks to make them look attactive.

In the front we are busy doing the same thing. Only with more decorative landscaping bricks. When hurricane Dennis came the only place we got water was in one room. Even though the watermarks on the back fence showed that the water had risen nearly three feet at the back of our property. That room was in the front of the house. The new bricks which will be 8 inches high might just serve to do what we need. But while we were doing the project my husband. Bless his heart explained to me about weep holes. I ask him why we could not block them? He said probably that is how the water seeped into the one room. It just barely wet the carpet around the edge. So I was like why can't we just block them? He said well it would not be a good idea to do that permantly. He also wasn't sure what he would use to temp. block them. That is how I came to the forum. Just trying to find some answers.

Thank you for your reply
any further comment would be appreciated,

Jo Ann

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