Glass blocks for exterior light into bathroom

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Glass blocks for exterior light into bathroom

i would like to install a window in the master shower using glass blocks which give the appearance from either side that distorted look if you know what I mean, for the purpose of being decoretive as well as for exterior natural lighting, can anyone please give me some pointers as to what materials i'll need to get. The opening for the glass block window is no problem just dont know how to go about installing it.
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Glass blocks for exterior light into bathroom

Go to the Pittsburg Corning site (Google for "Glass Block"). They have good information.

You can buy individual glass block in most areas locally. In some metro areas, you can also buy prefab panels that youset in place yourself.

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You have two options for the mortar. You can use glass block mortar (dry mix - add water) or a caulk-like material. This was about 6 years ago.
The hard part is getting even spacing. You can get plastic spacers to help this.

The best option is what Dick suggested, especially if you've never laid block (concrete, glasss, or brick) before.
Look in the yellow pages under glass block. You should find more than one or two. They will have a sales/show room open to the public. Take your window dimensions to them and they will make it for you. All you need to do is insert the unit into the space. I think you'll find the added cost well worth it. After all, your time is worth something, too.

If you choose to do it all yourself, then still visit a local glass block company. They do this stuff all the time - its their job. Their advice will be excellent. And buy your materials from them. Their prices are competitive with the big boxes on common styles and sizes of block.

I built a glass block bar in 1998. The local big boxes were clueless on anything to do with glass block. A local company not only answered all my questions, they even gave me a few pounds of mortar to finish the last row.
They also took me into the assembly room to get different ideas. You can't get that from the big box.

Besides, its good to support a hometown business instead of a big corporation.

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