chimney rebuild-help

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chimney rebuild-help

chimney is for a wood/coal burner-it is the square concrete block with a 6" red ceramic type liner

it is cracked and missing big chunks of the liner--the plan is to tear it down partially-to just below where the stove pipe enters the chimney and then reuse the good concrete blocks and or get new blocks and use all new liner peices

can I do this myself with just a ladder--and what type of morter should I use for this high heat application??

or should I just get a steel liner installed ??

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chimney rebuild-help

You can do it your self.

Take it down piece by piece until you get to the soild part.

You put the clay chimney tiles together with a refractory mortar (avaialable from a brick supplier that carries the flues).

Lay the concrete block with aeither Type N ot Type S mortar. Do not put mortar solidly between the flues and the chimney block to leave room for expansion.

At the top, build a sloped top to carry the water away to prevent water from getting between the flue and the concrete. It is also good to put a metal chimney cap over the flue to prevent rain and birds from getting in.

The water leaking in probably caused the deteriorationwhen it came in contact with the acids from the creosote.

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thanks--chimney does have a prefabbed cap with about &'s of the ceramic tile sticking out the top

I will definately put 1 of the metal screen caps on to keep the rain and wildlife out

I counted about 25 blocks that need to come down

any idea on what these blocks go for $$$ and the liner pieces $$$$


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