concrete and asphalt problems

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concrete and asphalt problems

Hello, First off Thanks for spending your time helping me

Let me explain my problems. I have a driveway that is half concrete and half asphalt. The asphalt has a large dip in one place and cracks in others. The problem with the concrete is that it has nice size cracks in it that run all the way through it. Also someone tried to fix these cracks by placing mortar in these concrete cracks of which obviously resulted in the mortar cracking because of the movement of the concrete slab and also know because the mortar doesn't feather to a nice edge (sand in the mortar) there is a mortar hump on the sides of the concrete cracks that looks really insightly.

Question 1. How can I fix that asphalt dip and those other cracks in it.

Question 2. How can I remove those mortar humps on the sides of the cracks (I presume I will have to grind it down with something etc.)

Question 3. Is there any way I can fix those cracks in the concrete that run all the way through it. Hopefully I can use something harder than just a flexible caulk.

Thanks a whooooole lot. Sincerely jj.
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concrete and asphalt problems

concrete fix get a quicky saw and cut the sport out and refill with new concrete is the best way for the crack to be fixed once and for all. but if you dont mind lots of cash being spent they sell two part mixs for concrete we use it to drill and put bolts in it gets as hard concrete in a few far as lump well you can rent a sander for it . now for asphalt problems fiil dip and rent a roller
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For the asphalt problems, a cold patch (asphalt) material from your local home center would be a temporary fix, followed by crack sealants and maybe a re-sealing of the whole drive. However, asphalt has a relatively short life span so a complete re-pave may be more in order (but a lot more expensive).

For the concrete problems, there is no magic wand that will fix cracks, especially working cracks outside. Any kind of rigid material such as mortar or epoxy will crack as soon as the crack moves agian. Flexible caulk is really the only decent patch for keeping water out. To make it look better though, first clean all loose material out of the crack. Chip off the excess patch mortar from the edges of the crack, or grind it off if necessary. Perhaps widen the crack a bit so enough caulk can be worked in as deep as possible. Use gray caulk and while it is still tacky, sprinkle a little sand on top. The sand will stick to the mortar, making it look more like cement when it dries. Good luck.


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