Cutting Concrete

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Cutting Concrete

Can I cut a 2" concrete slab with a circular saw using a diamond blade? (I know I can rent a larger saw but I can't complete the job all at once). I see local stores carry blades fom $20 to $50. Thanks.
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Cutting Concrete

Do you have to cut is completely through? You could possibly make a score cut and break off the rest. You can use a haamer and chisel to clean up the rough edge.

You can do a good amount of cutting with a circular saw with a diamond or cutoff blade, but it will take a toll on your saw, depending on the hardness of the concrete. Not likely, but you could encounter some wire in the concrete.

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Unfortunately I have done a lot of masonry cutting with circ saw.

First of all, you may want to use a cheap circ saw unless you have a wormdrive. Reason I say that is it's a real strain on the motor of non-worm drive type saw and you may stress the motor plus lots of dust can be drawn in the motor.

Secondly, I take a hose and run a small stream of water ahead of the saw blade. This will make the blade cut easier, reduce dust and greatly increase the life of the blade. Some will probably say this is a shock hazard but I have done this many times and the water does not get anywhere near the electricals (besides they make circ saws that have a hose attachment). Just be sure to keep the cord end out of the water. If your just doing a small cut you may not want to bother with this.

Don't stop the motor while the blade in in the cut or it may seize - pull it out while it is running.

One other thing - the blades thay commonly sell at the home center (I pay $22) have a tourque safety device in the center. What happens is if you over tourque it the brass washer slips preventing tourque from getting to the blade. If this happens more than once or twice the blade won't cut anymore. I have disabled this by removing the washer and filing it down (it's slightly thicker than the blade)and putting it back in. I figured this out after getting a new blade, jamming it by accident and then ending up with a new $22 blade that didn't do anything. The more expensive blades may not have this device - I didn't check. They have more high end blades at the masonry stores.

It seems like cutting clay pavers is actually much more of a strain than slabs. I can only cut about a dozen pavers before ruining a blade (it's difficult to use water on a paver when working alone) but I have cut several feet of slab w/o much diffculty.

If the motor housing of your saw gets hot, stop and let it rest. Once it gets hot it is very close to burning up - been there, done that. A $35 circ saw is still much cheaper than $50 a day for the gas saw plus the irritated neighbors.

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