Pouring Concrete on the Inside of Stone Foundation

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Pouring Concrete on the Inside of Stone Foundation

I have a 160 year old house with a stone foundation (actually more like a rubble foundation) with a lot of cracks and holes that need to be patched. Someone suggested that I put up forms on the inside of the basement, and pour concrete against the walls. This sounded good in terms of reinforcement as well as more modern looking vertical walls. BUT! I have read a few threads that warn against tampering with old foundations. Particularly moisture being trapped and causing frost movent. If concrete were poured against these walls to reinforce and seal them, would that cause other structural problems?

Thanks in advance for your input!
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Pouring Concrete on the Inside of Stone Foundation

If you pour a few inches of concrete inside your foundation wall, you would do little good except make it look better for as long as it stuck in place.

If you follow this approach, you would have to pour a completely new concrete wall a minimum of 8" thick and reinforced with steel. It would have to sit on a proper footing. If you want to use this wall as your homes foundation, you would have to make proper connections (sill, etc.) with the structure above the basement. You will need a design by an engineer and a permit. - By the way, doing all this work in a basement is not cheap, easy or accessible.

The only problems with your foundation that that you mentioned is cracks and holes that could be repaired. If your foundation is not settling, I would repair the old.


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