Building a snowman out of cement

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Building a snowman out of cement

Hope I'm at the right place... Our neighborhood is having a Christmas decorating contest, and my roommates and I have some off-the-wall ideas, but hopefully are feasible.

Anyway, rather than going out and buying a big snowman for our yard (which would be easier), we've decided to construct one ourselves. We've decided to build it out of cement. First off, would this even be possible? I've been browsing around for some sort of a usable mold that could aid me in building it, but have come up with nothing. Of course, all three parts would be round, the base would be about 3 ft in diameter....

If you have any suggestions or advice, please pass them on to me. If you don't think that this is do-able, don't hesistate to tell me!

Thank you,

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j0hnnyb0y84, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
At least it wouldn't melt. Problem is, what about AFTER the contest? How did you plan on moving it? Crane service? Even if you made a reinforcing rod frame with chicken wire over it and used something like Dri-loc as a plaster, it would still be quite heavy. Maybe someone else here has an idea so watch this post. Good luck.
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I would not do solid spheres. You could scoop out a hole, line with plastic wrap/wax paper or ?? The trick is getting it symetrical. Keep the mix on the dry side.
But like majak said, it will be heavy!!
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just another idea:

you could use different size exercise or play balls as molds and fill them with foaming insulation. Once it dries, simply cut the ball-mold off.

This approach has the advantage of producing sections that are lighter, can be glued together, and is easily shaped. You can also add important accents like coal mouth and eyes, carrot nose, and a corn cobb pipe without too much trouble!

Best wishes!

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Building a snowman out of cement

rdn2113 has a good idea. One other option is glueing expanded polystyrofoam (the cheap beadboard) together into blocks with yellow glue. Then you can shape them with a hand saw and a sureform - makes a big mess, so do it outside.

Paint with latex paint with a texturizer added. If you want a real "concrete" surface, paint with a latex concrete additive (Acryl 60 or similar) and then immediately use something like Quikrete vinyl patch to create a concrete shell.


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