How to repair a damaged brick wall.

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How to repair a damaged brick wall.

A house with a concrete block basement garage, a wood-frame first floor and a brick exterior. The basement extends above grade about four feet. The house was hit near a corner by a car. Luckily the house was protected by a steel I-beam embeded in concrete which took most of the impact. The interior basement concrete blocks were pushed in and the mortar cracked. About four blocks were completly dislodged. Three concrete blocks at the top of the adjacent corner wall were cracked. The house has a large steel I-beam on top of the basement concrete block wall, as a sill plate for the frist floor. Donít ask me why. It appears the basement garage may have been installed as an after thought. In anycase the beam will support the first floor while the concrete block is replace below the beam. But what about the exterior brick wall. The exterior brick mortar is cracked and the bricks are caved in about an inch. The problem, how to support the brick wall above the damaged area while replacing the brick below. There is a basement window at grade lever about five feet from the corner and a bedroom window at the upper limit of the damage. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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repairing a brick wall

you dont have to worry because when masonry walls are built properly after they have been there for a while you can take out brick or block and the ones above it wont move because of the way they are laid, this is called bond and there is mortar above and below each brick. the most common is called a running bond and the head joints are offset to give the wall strength. it is layed to where when you lay 1 brick it is on top of 2 so therefore both bricks under it have a bond with a single brick and when you take out part of the wall under it then there is still the wall above it to suport it while you make your repairs. as far as the block in the basement if they do not suport any weight like a floor joist then you can just simply take them out and replace them. but if they do support weight then you need to make support post to hold the weight while you do the repairs this done by measuring the height from the floor to the joist and you can cut a 4x4 about an inch or two longer than the height and you can place them under the joist and use a hammer to drive the bottom of the post make i tight fit and it will lift the weight off of the block wall.

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