manufactured stone above fireplace

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manufactured stone above fireplace

I would like to install river rock (manufactured rock) around my fireplace. There is some existing stone up to about mantle height, then it is wood paneling over drywall. How much of a hassle will it be to remove the existing stone and how do I do it? What is the procedure to install the manufactured stones? Should I pull off the wood paneling and get down to the drywall? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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How thick is your river rock? Wondering how much it weighs.
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If the existing stone is real stone - you are talking about rebuilding the front. If its manufactured, well, still a hassle.
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the question is what type of stone do you have existing now? if it is a pre fabricated stone all you would have to do is chip it off with a chisel and hammer or a chipping device. now if it is real river rock the job will be a bit more difficult.first let me ask you are there cement joints in between each stone or is it set tight to each other like it is resting on each other. no matter if its tight joints or cement joint the back of the stone will have a thick coat of cement bonding all of it together which will be like chipping away a cement slab. so if its real it is going to be a tough job for anyone.

if the plywood is secure when you tug at it, no you wouldnt have to take it down and to help reassure you that it is sturdy you could drill some extra screws into the stud where the original screws are set. if its unstudy you should sink some new screws into the studs behind the plywood and drywall and see if that hold if not you probly will end up pulling everything out.

to set the new stone just staple some black paper to the plywood then staple some diamond lathe on top of that then put a thin coat of cement over the diamond lathe. next day get your thinset and some glue and mix together, then get yourself a margin trowel which is kind of like a putty knife and spread a thin coat of your thinset mix you made on the back. and just firmly push the stone against the wall . ( it helps to twist it slightly left then right while pushing it against the wall) like when you try to seperate a oreo cookie without breaking either side of the cookie

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