Concrete steps tread slopes to much

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Concrete steps tread slopes to much

I have moved into a house that we had custom built.

Our front porch steps I believe were incorrectly poured.

If you walk up or down the steps, it feels like you are going to fall.

Not to mention, when its wet or icy, there is just no stopped.

The tread seems to have a bubble in the center of them, all the way
across on both steps.

If you can imagine trying to stand on one of those childrens 10 cent bouncy balls. Line up 10 of them, side by side across, then try to stand on them.

That is how the steps feel.

Does anyone know what the correct degree of slope or streepness is suppose
to be?

There are two steps that lead to the porch.

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You should not be able to detect the slight amount of slant on steps. There is one, just for water run off, but it appears yours may have been poured without proper footing or foundation preparation. If you just moved in, find the general contractor, hold him/her around the neck and don't let go until it is done properly. Now, if YOU were the contractor, it would be up to you to locate your concrete sub and have it corrected.
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The correct slope is usually between 1/8 and 1/4 inch per foot. On our stamped steps we usually go a bit more because the stamped pattern can hold water, but on plain concrete the slope I gave you is common.

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hi , im from the bethel area your neighbor ! our code for steps is usally 7inch riser and 12inch tread with a quarter inch slope every foot this is the basic formula for the greater cinti area with maybe a inch or two difference either way . if your steps are truly unsafe and causing a problem contact your builder surely he will remember the code for steps after you offer him your new found knowledge on proper step code also ask for a broom finish on the tread for traction !
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Definitely call the builder to get it fixed.

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