Drill Bit Life Expectancy for Brick

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Drill Bit Life Expectancy for Brick

This spring I am going to install some receptacles and switch boxes around my patio. They will be mounted on brick. I have a 19.2 volt battery 1/2-inch drill and an old 115vac 3/8-inch drill with a "hammer" setting and "rotary hammer setting as well.

Question is, how many screw holes might I reasonably expect from a decent masonry bit? I will be using whatever screw size is needed to mount the boxes and conduit clamps (3/16, 1/4 inch??)

Is it best to use water, or oil as helper?

Low speed or high?

Light, medium, or heavy pressure?

Any particular brand or type of masonry bit to use ? I expect to drill around 30 or so holes.
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I would advise drilling into the mortar joints for mounting. This prevents cracking the brick. Don't go cheap on the bit(s). A good bit will cost as much as a cheap set. I have had some of my masonary bits for years and they have seen a lot of use. The carbide tip on the end is the secret. Some of the less expensive drill bits will actually bend if you exert much pressure on them. I just use a regular drill. No hammer. Hammer drilling on the brick may crack them also. I go full speed and pull the bit out quite a bit to clear the dust from the hole. I have never used a lubricant for the smaller bits. Good luck.
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I agree with majakdragon about going into the mortar instead of the brick if you can. However, I have gone into brick with a hammer drill many times with no cracking. If you want to do the job quick and easy, rent or buy an SDS II type hammer drill. These work completely differently than your normal hammer drill, and require different bits. They are available at any rental facility or home center. The good thing about these drills is that you have to exert virtually no pressure on them. They just drill very quickly into the mortar (or brick, concrete, etc.) I have been using the same bits for years and they are still in excellent shape. If you're not going to use it often, I'd rent the drill and bit. I use mine about every day. Good luck.

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have to agree with dragon, not that i often find that diffuclult. look at some bosch or dewalt bits. stay away from fuller and store brand stuff. no lube, let the drill do the work.

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