footing questions

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footing questions

I am building a hunting cabin on my 62 acres near the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri). The terrain is rocky. It is going to be a 16 X 32 ft structure. The idea is to pour 12 pier footings using my 9 inch auger for my tractor. We want to go 8 feet apart. My brother wants to use some sort of bracket that we can set in the concrete to anchor the 4X6 we use as poles. This basicaly is going to start out as a hugh deck, then were going to build a structure on top of that.

Here are the questions. I was planning on going down about 2.5 feet and building a 2X4 form to help level the top off. I figured probably close to 2 bags of concrete per hole. I really do not want to use the brackets as measuring will require much precision. I want to anchor it after we build it somehow. My real interst is to make sure it does't settle or heave on me. There is going to so much weight there I really do not see the value in anchoring. With a tornado I do not really think it would matter much anyway. What is the minumum for holding this structure in place? Are we thinking wrong on our attack? Any ideas would be appreciated as my brother and I are arguing over what we should do. This is also on my coin so any unnecessary expense I want to avoid.

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I cant tell you exactly how many or how large but I hope your footings are more substanial than one dug with a 9" auger. And are you talking about two sacks of redi-mixed concrete (quick-crete) or are you talking two 94 lb. sacks of Portland concrete plus gravel per footing?

Now on the other hand, if all this passes muster with any building inspectors down there I have an idea assuming the cabin will be worked on in place and code does not require that footings be too deep. Is it possible to dig your footings individually and can one expect the sides to be cut sharp and plumb so as to allow the earth to contain the sides of the newly poured concrete footers? You may be able to get away w/o forming this way. It would seem to me that each footing need be at least 8" thick concrete with rerod reinforcement.

So, assuming you are working with a batter board and building lines you could then measure down and perhaps pour all these pier footings level and at one grade. if the footings were to be 8" thick then excavate to 8" below the footing grade. Under similar ditched footings we simply have driven a short length of rerod into the ground. let it extend upward out of the footing and upward so that it's in the core of an 8" half or whole block or even a 10" or 12" block.

Poured into a ditch and pumped once or twice, concrete levels it self perfecly with or without forms.
one can get the same grade for all footings any number of ways (transit, building lines or lasers) Try transferring this read to you rerod driven vertically in the middle of your ditch by sticking a piece of red or white tape at the grade. Dump the concrete and pump until it just touches your grade mark. Now, grab that concrete block and just set it on the concrete with the rerod coming through the block core. You can chuck the cores later after you stack and mud the rest of the piers.

Hope this has given you some different ideas to help you decide.


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