Make a hole in Masonry

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Make a hole in Masonry

When the house was originally built there was a second story balcony which was removed. Were the door to the balcony used to be was filled in. I would like to put a window in this spot.My house is made of 2 feet thick rock/masonry/concrete I want to put a window in it. Is this a very expensive hard thing to do? Is it worth it?
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Your walls are load bearing masonry and its pretty tricky to make a hole in something like that because when your house was built they probley used lime morter and this dosnt have a lot of holding strength basically it just cushions the stone and fills in the holes. To make a hole like you explained you would first have to take what ever finishing you have and the interior wall to the bare walls locate where you want to put the opening. the interior wall is probley the loadbearing wall with the exterior wall usually bieng the veneer but it differs. here come the trickey part you have to have two huge angle irons with holes every 6 inches. drill them through the wall right to the other side place another angle iron on the outside and bolt it all together and brace it, you can now remove the window opening. since this opening was nop designed to be there the angle iron has to stay. is it worth it Probley not its a lot of work, but without looking at it i cant really tell but when your dealing with composite built load bearing homes you dont know what to expect untill you open it up. By the way composite built load bearing home are one of the best homes you could ever buy, they will last forever, they dont build them like that anymore

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